Student Services

Apart from academic, Student Services department cares for all aspects of student life on campus. With the assistance of students, Student Services staff plan a wide variety of social and religious programs and sporting events. The department also organizes student transport, and cares for the student associations (cultural groups) under the umbrella body PAUSA (Pacific Adventist University Student Association).

Student Services Office
The Student Services office is in the Theology block next to the Student Centre. It houses the Director of Student Services office, the Assistant director (work line co-coordinator and married student's dean), the doss secretary and a room (with a computer), shared by PAUSA, residence deans and student leaders. Students can obtain the following services in the office through the secretary on minimal charges: verification letter (very useful for student official identification and concessions), character reference letter, small bindings, laminating and photocopying. Week-ends, overnight, special leaves, clearance, withdrawal and change of status forms are available in the office also.

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Friday 8:00 am - 12:00pm
Further information- Information is available by contacting the Student Services office: Phone: (675) 3280 0200 Ext 333; Fax (675) 3280 0200 Ext 125.

Values and Expectations
Pacific Adventist University (PAU) welcomes applications from individuals regardless of race, gender, status or religious affiliation. Admission to, and continuation at, PAU is dependent on evidence of good character, intellectual competence, support of the philosophy, vision and mission of the university and a willingness to conform to university regulations.
Pacific Adventist University is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Protestant Christian denomination. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for admission but students are expected to respect the faith, beliefs, mission, and uphold the lifestyle expectations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Where students personally hold to other beliefs and practices, these are confined to private and personal practice whilst on campus.
The following expectations have grown out of Christian values, beliefs and Adventist traditions, and are set out here so that students are aware of the values and expectations held by the College.
Pacific Adventist University is committed to scholarship and sound learning. It follows a program of continual academic assessment designed to develop accountability in its students. Students are expected to maintain regular attendance and active participation in all academic appointments.
Worship is integral to the College program, and a variety of worship services are available to students and staff. Students are required to attend chapels and assemblies during the year. Residential students are also required to attend residence hall worships. The seventh-day Sabbath, commencing at sunset on Friday evening and concluding at sunset on Saturday, is set aside for worship, prayer, praise, Bible study, sharing and fellowship. Attendance at Sabbath worship services is encouraged. No classes or sporting activities are held during Sabbath hours. In addition, with the exception of essential services, the work program ceases.
Students are expected to show kindness, courtesy, and respect for others. This means that any action and/or behavior that is demeaning or causes physical, emotional or psychological injury to others is inappropriate. In particular, students are advised that alcohol, tobacco, sexual misconduct, pornography and drugs are not permitted. PAU has zero tolerance for substance abuse.

Work Education Program
The Work Education Program is designed to equip students with different skills to prepare them to serve God and their community. The Workline coordinator at the Student Services office is available to assist students to sort out their workline choices and allocate them to work departments on campus.
The university requires all indoor students, married and not married, to do certain number of hours each week.

Counselling Service
Dr Leeroy Elisha, Director of Beri Meare Counselling Centre and Development services, and his other designated staff counsellors are available for personal counselling. This service is free and confidential, and covers areas such as relationships, family of origin, study and careers, marriage and family, substance abuse and much more.

Contact Details
Dr Leeroy Elisha
Beri Meare Counselling, Support and Development Centre Director
Ph +675 3280200
DD +675 3280279
Fax +675 3281257


Two types of accommodation are available to students requiring accommodation while enrolled at PAU. They are married students' houses and dormitories for single students.
Specific guidelines have been established to ensure that residential life provides an optimal living environment. All single students need to reside on campus unless they are living with their parents or grandparents or an older bother or sister outside.

The Student Centre
The Student Centre has lounge, tables and chairs. A washing sink, water tap, a bench and power point (for electric use) are provided on the side. Day students who wish to warm up their lunch can use the microwave oven available at the Doss (Director of Student Services) office. There are also lockers provided at the centre for day students who wish to keep their books in school. These can be accessed by paying a K10.00 deposit charge which is refundable at the business office. Students provide their own locks.

Pastor Lucas Marley is the chaplain for students at PAU. He is available anytime during the week from 8am to 5pm. The best way to ensure his undivided attention is to make an appointment with him.
He is willing to discuss any topic including personal questions you may have, marriage counselling, your Christian journey, commitment to God, and any other counselling you may require.
Also, if you have a concern or a suggestion on how to improve the spiritual atmosphere on campus, see him.

Religious Life
Worship is integral to every-day life at Pacific Adventist University, and a number of different worship events provide students with opportunities for building and enriching a relationship with God. These include Saturday services, Wednesday night Prayer meetings, Monday evening reflection, Thursday evening cultural, union and school worships, and Residence Hall worships (in rooms, wings) and Bible studies.

Residence Hall Worships
Evening worships are held in Residence Halls on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, and are combined in the Church on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Evening Monday worships are run by Beri Meari Counselling and Development Centre in front of the outdoor amphitheatre. Thursday evening worship alternates between union, cultural, wings and school worships. Morning worships are held in the dorms and alternate between combine chapel, room personal and wing worships.

Sabbath School
Sabbath School is a program especially designed for Bible study and commences at 9:00am on Saturday morning. Lesson study groups meet in the Church and various venues on campus.

Church service
The weekly Church service, commencing at 11:00am on Saturday morning, is designed for all ages and offers a variety of worship styles to ensure this special time is unique, memorable and relevant.

Student Activities
Many opportunities are available for students to engage in during any spare hours between classes and studying. Activities fall into the categories of cultural, religious, recreational, sporting, and community service. These are organized by the student services, cultural groups, union groups, villages groups, church, residences and schools.
The SSA (Student Social Activities) team also organizes a number of social events on Saturday nights for students throughout the year. Some major annual events include Super Six Touch Rugby, Luk Save Night, PNG Independence, Cultural and Open day, PAU Fun Run, Battle of the Schools Games and Community Service Day.


A weekly assembly is held at the chapel every Tuesday at 10 am. Students are required to attend as it is designed to assist staff and students keep focus in life, build a sense of community, and provide an open forum for decimating information and discussing ideas.

Community Service and Outreach
A variety of opportunities are provided each year for students to visit and worship with other churches, provide assistance to disadvantaged groups in the community, and be involved in Christian ministry in Port Moresby city and surrounding communities.

Sport and Recreation
The PAUSA Sports Coordinator, student social activities coordinator, sports leagues leaders and Student Services, along with various recreational clubs, are all involved in providing a wide variety of sporting and recreational activities both on and off campus.
The SSA (Student Social Activities) team also organizes a number of social events on Saturday nights for students throughout the year. Cultural groups, schools, villages and departments organize their own recreational events also.
The university has an outdoor basketball court and two oval grounds for ball games.
Special annual sporting events include some major annual events include Super Six Touch Rugby, Luk Save Night, PNG Independence, Cultural and Open day, PAU Fun Run, Battle of the Schools Games and Community Service Day.

Student Transport
PAU operates several buses that are scheduled to do certain runs at certain times each day. Students needing transport make bookings and requests at the student services offices. A requisition form is and signed by the Director of Student Services before it is sent to the transport manager.
The university provides free transport at the beginning and end of the year. Authorized medical or emergency runs are at the cost of the university.
Buses are available for hire subject to conditions being met by the hirer and availability of vehicles. Enquiries are directed to student services.

The University's campus clinic located in the Health Science building serves and supplies medication to sick students, staff and PAU community members. Charges for the services and medication provided are as follows:

  • K 2.50 - students
  • K 4.00 - staff and family members
  • K 10.00 - outsiders