Bachelor of Nursing

4 years full time – Koiari Park Campus

The BN integrates sound nursing knowledge, skills and attitudes where nurses recognise each patient as a unique individual who is holistic in nature, is valued and respected, regardless of social, economic, religious and cultural background. Nurses are trained to develop and maintain professional skills and practice standards at a high level of competency. Graduates demonstrate competency in practice skills, critical thinking, analysis of research data, implementing findings and decision making. BN graduates are eligible for registration with the Nursing Council of PNG.

BN students undertake a total of 16 weeks clinical attachment each of the four years of the course (a total of 64 weeks for the whole course).


Bachelor of Midwifery

1 year full time (post registration) – Koiari Park Campus

The BM program specialises in training students to become competent midwives, focusing primarily on women’s health, pregnancy and the childbirth process within the context of holistic woman-centered care and contemporary midwifery practice.  The knowledge, skills and attitudes obtained by students will enable them to provide professional midwifery care at all levels of health in hospital, urban clinic and rural health settings, not only in Papua New Guinea but also throughout the Pacific region. BM graduates are eligible for registration with the Nursing Council of PNG.

BM students participate in 32 (1120 hours) weeks clinical attachment.